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Solution  PTT Over Cellular

Voice PTT

Voice calls are made like a professional two-way radio. Press the button to start speaking immediately without confirmation from the receiving party. Available for individual and group communication.

Video PTT

Walkie Talkie communication powered by video transmitted along with voice. Send a real-time video of your surroundings by pressing the video transmission button. Available for individual and group communication.


The messenger  allows real-time exchange of text messages, images and files. The messenger is available both for private conversations between individual users and for communication within the group.

Advanced localization

Our platforms  They have GPS tracking capabilities to determine the location of the fleet member. Two options available: one-time request or time-lapse request with regular location updates at regular intervals. A location request can be applied to both a single user and a group. Our platforms are compatible with Google Maps and OpenStreetMap for location tracking.

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring allows you to capture voice and video from client devices, display it on the dispatch console of your preferred platform and record on the server. 

Programming  by Air

The CrelosaPOC dispatcher can remotely modify user configuration settings and send updates to them.


Much more than radios we are a portfolio of solutions

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