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Hytera, PNC 360

More portable than ever. 

Product characteristics

Loud and clear voice intercom

Built-in high-power speaker with a maximum of 3W (nominal 2W), which perfectly restores sound quality in noisy environment and ensures clear voice intercom.  Be aware of howling suppression at 3 meters distance, effectively avoid mutual interference between walkie-talkies, let you stay away from noise, and work calmly.

Precise positioning and efficient programming

Optional GPS / Beidou positioning mode to ensure accurate target positioning and tracking The back-end command center can capture the location of front-line personnel at any time to achieve a unified and efficient command.

Small and portable, fits in the palm of your hand

170g slim and lightweight body, single-sided button design, oversized PTT button, independent emergency alarm button, matte texture body, and perfect process detail design to give you a more comfortable operation experience.

Long battery life in standby mode at any time

With 4000mAh large capacity lithium battery, the voice intercom can last up to 48 hours (10-10-80), ensuring your long-term working needs.  Equipped with Type-C charging data port, support 2A fast charging, say goodbye to long wait for charging.

Super quality and durable

It meets the IP54 standard, and the bare metal has 1.2 meters of drop resistance. It has passed strict temperature, dust, humidity, and vibration tests, and can still provide stable, high-quality communications under harsh conditions.

More portable than ever

Carry everything you need to communicate with the world in the palm of your hand

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